Alan Ottey - Dulverton Town Council 2022

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Alan has the following Committee and other responsibilites:

Member of the Grounds Committee
Member of the Town Management Committee

This is a picture of Councillor Alan Ottey
Alan Ottey

I first visited Dulverton in 1958 as a young scout. Over the years I continued to visit till I eventually moved here with my partner, Denise, in 2016, having  been invited to take a job in Tiverton.

I served in the Leicestershire Police for nearly 30 years, retiring  at the end of 1993. Shortly after retiring, I was invited to take up Town Centre  and Market Management, which I am still very much involved in.

I have a great love of the countryside and walking, taking in all the natural  surroundings of my favourite area.
For us, Dulverton is the place to be, where there is a excellent quality of  life.'

Telephone: 01398 324561
2a Lady Street Dulverton TA22 9BZ
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