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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Parish Plan

Dulverton Parish Plan - Your Chance To Have Your Say

An opportunity for people living in the parish to influence the decision-makers!

Parish Plan

Parish Plan Update - 14th March 2012.

The Parish Plan Committee has been analysing the results and subsequent report with the aim of progressing some of the issues raised.

It was ascertained that many issues had in fact been undertaken and either completed or were in the process of being resolved.

There also exist several proposed projects that could not be progressed either due to the lack of funds or because of practical reasons.

Below are some of the very positive projects undertaken since the publication of the report:

The Churchyard has undergone considerable refurbishment including the creation of a wild flower garden.

  • Barnsclose Play Ground has had installed many new items of play equipment for the local children to enjoy.
  • A site has been acquired to provide allotments for local people.
  • A new development consisting of 14 new homes has been built at Allers View to provide affordable housing for local people.
  •  Gym facilities are now available at the Parish Rooms.

Many projects are actively being pursued by various organisations including:

  •  The Civic Society is involved in developing a Town Trail.
  • The Heritage Centre has employed a Centre Manager who is working with the Committee to improve the public image of the facility. The working model of Dulverton Station has been given more profile, landscaping has been constructed, the electronics upgraded and exhibitions organised to support it.
  • The acquisition of land to extend our Cemetery.
  • Improvements have been made to the facilities offered at the Town Hall and the Sports Field, and are on-going.

Due to the energy and commitment of many individuals in our community who work voluntarily for the benefit of all:

  •  The Dulverton & District Young Peoples Project, having had its funding withdrawn by the Somerset County Council, is now totally reliant on funding raised by volunteers to keep it going.
  • A Film Club has been created enabling the public to view recently released films locally
  • The swimming pool located at the Middle School is now undercover and available for use by the general public.
  • Several new clubs have been formed including the Gardening Club and Astronomy Club, involving people of all ages.
  • Successful campaigns were undertaken to ensure that our Library and the Recycling Centre remained open for the benefit of this community.

For such a relatively small community an incredible number of organizations are successfully organized and managed by volunteers:

The Sports Field Management Committee, Football Club, Basketball Club, Squash Club, Tennis Club, Cricket Club, Film Club, Snooker Club, Ladies Club, W.I., U3A Club, Rotary Club, Civic Society, Dulverton Players, The Dulverton & District Young Peoples Project, The Churchyard Support Group, The Garden Club, Allotment Association, to name but some.

It is volunteers, prepared to give up a considerable amount of their own time, who represent the community on various bodies such as Local Government Authorities, Parochial Church Council and Exmoor National Park Authority. 

These organizations work together to ensure that Dulverton remains a sustainable and vibrant community by attempting to overcome problems and concerns raised by residents in the Parish Plan Survey.

The survey results regarding car parking, indicate that a majority of residents who responded were unhappy with both on street parking and off street parking facilities. Environmental issues such as street cleaning were also raised. The Town Council has been attempting to resolve these issues for many years in collaboration with both West Somerset Council and Somerset County Council. However, the problems have been almost insurmountable due to the very different agendas pursued by the various authorities concerned and the perceived lack of funding.

It is hoped that the Localism Act will give the Town Council the Right to Challenge the higher authorities to devolve the management of various services, including the provision of car parking facilities, to the Town Council.

Sufficient public transport facilities are also a matter of public concern. The bus service is the responsibility of Somerset County Council. Due to the recent cuts in funding many services have been altered, however the Taunton services are to be considerably increased.

The provision of sustainable renewable energy has been highlighted in the report as an issue to be pursued.

Solar and PV panels have been fitted on a few public buildings (where finance is available) and many privately owned buildings have taken advantage of the government sponsored schemes.

A planning application, for the re-instatement of the hydro power scheme in Dulverton, submitted to Exmoor National Park Authority was approved l by the Planning Committee, although rising cost have called into question the viability of the project.

With regards the proposals concerning a Farmers Market, there was little interest shown from traders who were concerned that it would promote considerable opposition from existing traders located in the Town.


Chris Nelder