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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Disclosure of Interests - Updated July 2017

Disclosure of Interests

Dulverton Town Councils Member’s disclosure of interests - Updated August 2017

Periodical update requests are sent out and new information is registered.

Member’s disclosure of interests (past and present) along with associated any letters can be found in the attachments below.

  A councillor not registering their interests commits a criminal act & may be prosecuted.

If you feel that an interest is/has not been declared, ask why not.

The law requires all councillors to complete a register of interest form in accordance with the requirements set out in the Localism Act 2011 and the current Code of Conduct.

Prior to a council meeting starting, members are asked to declare any pecuniary interests. The following are examples:

A councillor has a neighbour who applies for planning permission. The councillor may have an interest in opposing or approving this planning permission. In this example the councillor should declare an interest enabling fellow councillors and members of the public to be made aware of his interest.

Another councillor runs a business, during a meeting he puts forward a proposal or undertaking that the council authorises spending money which directly or indirectly would bring about a personal financial gain. In this example the councillor must declare an interest enabling fellow councillors and members of the public to be made aware of his interest and the councillor must be excluded from participating in the discussion or voting.

In both examples an interest declaration must be supported by the councillor registration of interests.

Scroll down to see your past and current councillor’s registration of interests.

These include:

  • Details of any employment or business carried out by them
  • The name of their employer
  • Details of any Directorships
  • Contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council
  • Interests in land in the District

 Check out the Nolan Principles –

Relating to DTC Code of conduct - click here