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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Dulverton Traffic!

Traffic - Dulverton

Dulverton Town Council (DTC) is well aware that parking is just a small part of traffic management in the town; clearly other areas should and are being considered. This includes: off-street parking, width and weight restrictions, signage clutter, speed limits (a 20mph though town?), traffic flows, etc, this is the start of a long process.

Can you think of any other areas you think needs to be added into the mix, please tell us if you do!

Off-street parking: Dulverton has 3 car parks which are managed by DTC, due to our management the cost has been kept low - around £30 per year less than other comparable car parks in our district. A year’s permit is £80, this equates to just over 21pence per day. Short term daily parking is available at 50 pence an hour.

In 2013 a review commenced to study traffic flow and parking provision. Suggestions are based, with some amendments, upon maps produced at this time. However, enforcement is always going to be an issue and will have to be dealt with when it occurs.

A number of suggestions have already been expressed, therefore if you are a resident or a visitor, own a business or are a service provider in Dulverton we would like to have your views.

Most of High Street leading into Bridge Street has no parking restrictions. A number of suggestions have already been put forward, such as restricting parking to say up to 2hrs at a time, this would have the effect of increasing the number of parking places for short-stay parking. There are approximately 13 spaces in these two areas   this would increase the number of parking opportunities for nearly 40 cars a day.


Union Street. 4 parking places currently exist with no restrictions. A suggestion has been that there should be no parking here at all in the interests of safety at the junction of Union Street & the High Street. Vehicles regularly mount the pavement here due to the reduced road width because of parked cars close to the junction with High Street. A compromise that has been suggested is that the number of spaces be reduced by 2 (the one nearest the junction with High Street) during normal working hours with the possibility of 4 places being available after 1700 or 1800hrs i.e. Single Yellow lines (SYL).

Vicarage Hill. 5 parking places exist on the near side come down the hill. Currently parking is allowed with no restriction on the near side (coming from The Rock public house down the hill) to the start of Rosemary Lane, although some double yellow lines do exist unfortunately they have become less visible over time.

It has been suggested there should be no parking here at all in the interests of safety although it is appreciated that parked cars are known to reduce traffic speed. It is not possible to see down to the junction of Union Street from the Rock House due to the bend in the road before you are committed to entering the narrow part of High Street. Many times cars are forced to wait alongside parked cars on Vicarage Hill to allow vehicles up the hill which can cause major difficultly for longer vehicles, e.g. buses, Lorries, etc the current suggestion is to reduce the number of spaces by 2 (the ones nearest the junction with Rosemary Lane) during normal working with the possibility of 5 places being available after 1700 or 1800hrs i.e. Single Yellow lines (SYL).

Lady Street and Northmoor Road. Restrictions currently vary from between double yellow lines (DYL) or single yellow lines (SYL). Initially there were no suggestions to make any changes during normal business hours except the suggestion of protecting the junction of Lady Street and the Paddock. Further down the road restrictions do not exist. This stretch of road is well known for its limited width and becomes very narrow in places. Parking is increasing in those small sections where the road widens with the effect of increasing the length of single width road. Not only does this help to block the road but aggravates a exiting situation.

The emergency services are becoming increasing aware of the increasing difficulty of accessing this part of town.

At a recent council meeting a member of the public expressed the view that the suggestions for this road did not go far enough and informed members that there had been a recent incident whereby the ambulance service was unable to drive an emergency ambulance to attend to a patient living in Northmoor Road. The paramedics had to abandon the ambulance and run, with backpacks to get to the patient!

The junction of Amory Rd and Jury Road is protected with “white lines”. These lines can work very well however, there is a tendency for them to be ignored. Mobility transport and mothers pushing children in buggies use these dropped curbs when they are not blocked by parked vehicles. This is borne out by the disregard shown to the dropped lines by the entrances to the Library, All Saints Church, and to other access points down Bridge Street which are regularly blocked. The suggestion is for the above junction to be protected by double yellow lines (DYL).

 Jury Road – Sixpenny Buckle.

Cars park close to the road where it narrows when going in the direction of town. This has the effect of forcing cars into the middle of the road thereby reducing visibility. A suggestion is that parking should be restricted for a very short section by the use of double yellow lines (DYL).

Before the Barle Bridge. (Bridge Street) It has been suggested that parking should be restricted using DYL for a short distance just before the start of the Barle Bridge when approached from the town side, in an attempt to provide a pull in space if traffic is already coming over the bridge.


Dulverton Town Council (DTC) have spoken to the Police as well as the Fire and Rescue services who would support any proposals which improves traffic flow and achieve greater visibility and enables easier/safer access , particularly the Lady street and Northmoor Road bit of the town.

We hope this will bring a little more clarity to what is the thinking behind these suggestions

and Suggestions are what they are.

So, please have a look at these maps and the documents before passing comments as it can be seen that all sort of rumours are circulating based on wrong information.

Do you agree or disagree with these proposed changes? If not why not, if you do why, what alternatives would you suggest? Can you see how additional parking can be achieved? If you have some different ideas then we would like to hear from you.

Dulverton Town Council

27th October 2014