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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Localism - DULVERTON

Dulverton is finding its voice!

Dulverton Town Council staged another Localism event, attended by 100 people, in the Town Hall on 7th November download invite attached) Three speakers brought refreshingly new ideas about ways to increase local resources and influence over the decisions that affect residents and businesses.

Ron Ley from ‘One Ilfracombe’, described a company, separate from but managed by the Town Council, which examines local problems, arranges action, and coordinates some public spending. The company shareholders are the other local authorities that give this legitimacy, and increased powers. Drug and alcohol problems, youth employment and social isolation in an ageing community, are tackled in an integrated, co-operative way for the benefit of the town. Take a look at their website.

Mel Usher from Frome believes in direct action as a way to force the hand of slow acting larger councils. The recreated Frome Town Council directly employs young apprentices, has a 21year old Mayor and junior mayors. Meetings are open, and involve everybody. It works.

Paul Yeomans presented Dulverton’s Business Plan for Traffic Management. A recent ex-member, at a senior level, of the Highways Dept, he speaks the language of officers whose support we need for serious re-thinking about the recent style of mass road closures and hostile parking regulations.

Next steps will be negotiations with County and District Councils, National Park and Magna. And possibly a Dulverton Town Trust with a wide remit for wellbeing?

18 people signed up to join an action group, and 66 more to be kept in touch with developments. Interested? Call 01398 341 850 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (7th Nov Invite.doc)7th November 2013 invite[ ]497 kB