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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Dulverton weir and leat


Dulverton weir and leat.

This year has seen a temporary repair to the weir to ensure that water will flow through the town; this is essential in as it is a key feature of the town. When the weir last failed in 1999, West Somerset Council bought the weir and leat and invested heavily with a substantial European grant when it became apparent that the then owner of Town Mills, who had historically been responsible for maintenance, was not in a position to spend money on the repairs as they saw no financial benefit for them.

So, in December 2012, once again the weir was breached by the enormous flood. It has taken, your district councillors, the best part of two years to get our WSC officers to reach agreement with the Environment Agency, the Exmoor National Park Authority and the fishing community to get this temporary solution. Dulverton’s district councillors also had to persuade their councillor colleagues of the value of repairing the weir in order to get the finance released to carry out the work.

A full repair is probably completely out of the question as West Somerset Council clearly does not have the finance to carry it out. We therefore live in hope that this £15,000 temporary repair will last. I now feel that we should find some other means of maintaining the flow in the leat and this could be achieved by sinking a submersible pump in the river, in case the weir is breached again in the future.