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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Objections to Car Park Proposal - consultations

Down load an example letter below;

You may be aware that West Somerset District Council has published a Traffic Regulation Order which is needed to enable changes to be make to the terms and conditions applying to the car parking arrangement in Dulverton.

It will have an effect on businesses and those employed by them,  not forgetting the people who are or could be in future using those businesses.

Briefly this means:

  • An increase in the cost of annual permits from £90 to £210 (be it in 2 steps, the first to £150 in July/August 2017 and the second to £210 in April 2018. This is the equivalent increase in the six-month permit charge and equates to a 230% increase.
  • Deny the use of annual and six-month permits in the Lion Stables car park using the justification, it is a “short-term” (whatever that means) car park.
  • Removing the Lion Car Park from the named car parks in Dulverton meaning that permits are only valid in the Heritage and Exmoor Car parks.

The consultation period closes on 10th July 2017 however until that time an opportunity exists to register objections/concerns.

A number of businesses and individuals are responding to the WSC consultation and it would be appreciated if as a business and/or an individual in the area you felt able to respond particularly with regard to the increased charges of permits.

Comments can be made as individuals and/or businesses. 


  • is a letter sent by Nick on behalf of the Dulverton & District Ward WSC Councillors response and registering their objections
  • Two examples of a business letter you may wish to use as a template and modify
  • An example of an individual letter they may wish to use as a template and modify

Emails - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

letters should be addressed to:

Bruce Lang

Assistant Chief Executive

West Somerset Council

west Somerset House

Killick Way


TA4 4QA                                            

And reference -Proposed Off Street Parking Places Order 2017 – consultation response

Or printed versions can be handed in at DTC office or Dulverton Post Office.

Consider- just because it currently does effect you today does not means you won’t be effected tomorrow.